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Re: THEORY or VOO-DOO MAGIC (UTI Optimum)....
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Here's my "theory":


We know FICO smiles when UTI <9%; and all cards report ZERO balance but one.  But, "WHICH" card?


I "theorize" that the card to report a balance of 9% should be the card with the highest CL.


My experiment is as follows:


Discover has the largest CL for me at $14,300.  I carry FIVE total cards with a maximum credit of $26,300.


To MAXIMIZE fico I am going to place 9% of the allotted credit of my Discover maximum (or, $1,287.00); hence, my TOTAL Utilization will be 5%.


I hypothesize that this formula will produce the MAXIMUM fico score.  One card reporting a balalance of 9% (less than 10% of that cards limit); no other cards reporting a balance; and, TOTAL uti then at 5%.


Well, am I a FICO Eiinstein or have I become a voodoo numerologist????????

Haha. I used to think of similar things. However, there are many different FICO scores and there are some FICO versions that are helped by what you suggest and some are probably not helped at all.


What I learned so far is that the 04 version of FICO sold on will definitely be helped by what you do. There was someone in another thread who experimented with having 1 dollar balance on all 8 of his/her cards and got a 47 point drop in FICO 04.


I carry small balances on more than 4 cards each month and that seems to have helped my 08 scores a lot while hurting my 04 scores.

The latest 08 Classic that I have is 762 while 04 Classic is 666.


04 version certainly does not like to see too many accounts with balances.

As far as which one card to carry balance is best, I don't know.. you could certainly try it out!

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