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Re: Auto Credit and Scoring
Ok, let's see if you can help me out on this question (assuming I did this right...first time on the boards).
In the next 6 months or so, I am planning on buying a new car.  I've just read about the auto credit FICO score and all that.  My question is, what if you don't have any auto history?  10 years ago or so I bought a used car that was repo'd.  All that has fallen off my credit reports, so all I have on my credit history now are some accounts in good standing and one credit card I got in the last 3 months that is also in good standing. (first credit card I've had in probably 12 years)  My Equifax FICO score is currently 664.
If I don't have any auto financing history for anyone to check, what info do they fall back on? 
In place of any clear cut idea so far my plan is to keep all my accounts current, save up as large a down payment as possible and try to get pre-approved for financing before I ever walk into a dealership (already have the car picked out).  Beyond that, is there anything I can do?
Ok, that was more than one question.  Sorry Smiley Wink