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Re: Closing Aged Accounts.. Yes It Is Ok
Yes, it counts towards your history as a seven year old card. And the 10 yr clock for its removal begins on the date you closed it, not when it was opened.

OK, just when I think I'm grasping things... I have one truly disastrous account, a J.Crew card opened 12/2004. It is a bit younger than my overall average credit age. If I leave it open (and unused!), it will fall off in 12/2014. (The so-called 10 yr clock.) But if I were to close it tomorrow, it wouldn't fall off until 9/2017? And why ten years, rather than seven? Or do the baddies within the account vanish after 7 years, while the account stays on for a total of ten years?

I know that the derogatories stay on whether open or closed, but the credit limit is relatively low and shouldn't affect my utilization (total CL $12,250, $0 balance, getting ready to put piddly-squat balances on my cards.)

So 10 years from opening or from closing? Or 7 years from opening or closing? aaarghhh
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