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macro request.... there any way that you would consider changing the macro options to include the ability to change font, text size, add images, etc???
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Re: macro request....
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Dog, at this point in time we do not have the ability to control that. However, it is possible to input this yourself through HTML.

To change font size, you can write <font size=+NUMBER> to make it larger or <font size=-NUMBER> to make it smaller. You will always want to close it with an </font> tag.

Here are a couple of examples:

<font size=+2>Example of Font Size +2</font>
<font size=-2>Example of Font Size -2</font>

If you know the name of the text style you'd like to use, you can change the font by using the <font face="FONT_NAME"> tag. It works exactly the same as the examples above.

Here's an example:

<font face="times new roman">Example of Times New Roman</font>

If you would like to combine the two, it would look like this:

<font size=+2 face="times new roman">Example of Font Size +2 and Face Times New Roman</font>

To add an image, you can use the <img src="URL"> tag.

Here's an example:

<img src="">
- I borrowed this image from MyFICO.

It's also possible to add a link.

<a href="">Here is a link</a>

looks like:

Here's a link

It is of course possible to put the link on either sides of the image tag to link to a website with the image. For that, you would put the tag for the image in the space where "Here's a link" is currently.

I hope that lays out a little more information about the macros and how you can get around us not having a graphical editor for the macros!


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Re: macro request....
wow, thanks a lot for the info, raine.  i appreciate it.