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Re: Trying to get TransUnion Score! Help :)

ronalds173 wrote:
Are you sure you get an "real FICO" score from TransUnion? I just got my free annual credit report and had signed up to get my credit score from TransUnion. But, when I saw the score they gave me I knew had to be a FAKO, which they confirmed when I immediately called and cancelled the service. So how can myFICO get the real FICO score from TransUnion when they're selling a FAKO score to the public?

HI there and welcome.


The TU website has never, to my knowledge. sold TU FICO scores. At one time you could get a TU FICO at (note the "cs") but that hasn't been the case in many,many months. The TU website sells VantageScores.


The TU score sold here is an older version (TU98) but it is a FICO score.