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Re: Forums Slow to Load?

mod-moose wrote:

laz98 wrote:

Is anyone else having trouble getting the forums to load in a speedy manner lately?  This is the only site that is taking up to a minute to load sometimes.  All the other sites I visit regularly work just fine.  It doesn't seem to matter if I'm logged in or not; it's just slow, slow slow.  It's making me visit the forums less & less, unfortunately.

Hi laz98,


I'm sorry you are having a problem with the forums loading.  I haven't noticed any problems.  What browser are you using?  You might try clearing your cache.  

Hi Moose.  I'm using Firefox 11.  I haven't upgraded to 12 because it isn't compatible with my Norton Toolbar.


Actually the last time I cleared my cache to solve a different computer problem, is when I think this problem started, LOL.  But something was bugging my memory, so i searched the forums, & I actually posted about this same problem in March of last year, to no avail.  Not sure what to do.

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