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Re: Text size / Zoom broken in Chrome/Mac

SoulMaster wrote:

I don't know if you guys were aware, but the browser zoom function is no longer effecting the text on the site when using Chrome/Mac.  The layout seems to zoom, though not at the normal ratios.


This means that on a standard 17" macbook pro, the fonts are so small it's nearly impossible to read because when you zoom, the fonts stay the same.


It seems to work fine in Safari (which I don't normally use) and I haven't tested Fox yet, but there is definitley an incompatibility issue with Chrome/Mac.


If you could look into it, I'd really appreciate it.



 Hi SoulMaster,


Sorry you are having font issues.  I don't have a Mac, so I'm unable to test this but I'll see if I can find someone to test this out for you.  


In the meantime, have you tried changing the Text Size in your settings?  


My Settings -> Preference Tab -> Display ->  Text Size.  


The default is Medium.  Try a larger size and let me know if that helps for now.