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Autocomplete Login Info
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Recently, I noticed that my iPad was no longer auto filling my login info on this site. It has become a nuisance because I don't stay logged in for very long and do most of my browsing from my iPad. I decided to check the source code on my Mac and low and behold, I find the dreaded autofill="off" attribute for the login form element. This is the most obnoxious attribute in the HTML spec. Why do this? I want to save my password...don't get in my way. Why does myFICO think it knows what's better for me than I do? This is one of those ridiculous "protect the users from themselves" measures. On my Mac, I force my browser to ignore this kind of BS. On my iPad/iPhone, it's not so simple. Fortunately they are both jailbroken so there may be a solution. But I find this so infuriating, I'm not even going to try. I'd rather just leave myFICO, both the forum and paid products.