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Re: Autocomplete Login Info

ctb89 wrote:

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I thought my kids did something to my computer. :smileysurprised:


I'm sure it's just temporary as they continue with the upgrades. Bumping for a resident technical Admin.

I thought I had done something to my computer too.  I went looking for answers, I was told that there were no changes made so that's not the cause.  The people I reported this to said the auto login was working for them.  I'll see what else I can dig up.


Will everyone who auto login isn't working please let me know what browser you're using.  


If it's working for you, please let me know what browser your using too!  


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Please, read my OP. I already said what the problem was. It's not a browser issue, in fact the browsers are working exactly as they should by respecting your website's command telling them not to auto fill the login form. Someone inserted the autocomplete="off" attribute to your template. As someone with programming experience, I can't stress how simple this is to fix. Tell one of your software engineers to look at the HTML source and locate the aforementioned attribute. Just remove the whole thing since browsers default to autocomplete="on".

If it was the software, wouldn't everyone have the issue?  The people I talked to weren't having the issue.