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Re: Ranking change?

Just realized why I got moved to from "Valued Member" to "New Contributer"... BUCKETING!



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ShanetheMortgageMan wrote:

I am intrigued with the new algorithm.

MyFico is keeping the details under wraps.  From what I understand your ranking is baset on "bucketing".  Items in your Board file such as AAOP (average age of posts), number of posts, utilization (percentage of posts used relevantly), and negative accounts (posts deleted or edited for violating terms) are used to come up with a risk assesed profile bucketing you with other users that have a similar scorecard.


These buckets are then divided up into the scoring models, with some buckets limited as to how high they can score.  As your profile changes, you can be moved from one bucket to another, or one branch to another, changing your overall score.  That being said, no one really knows exactly how these algorithms work, and the information above has a high chance of being made up.



 So it turns out, I was moved into the new bucket, and I have to start back over as a "New" Contributer... makes sense now Smiley Indifferent Smiley Very Happy