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Re: Facebook

Booner72 wrote:

I need to know, please, how to get this off my Facebook because it is embarrassing how many things come up on my wall from this website.  My "friends" must thing I'm crazy!

Well, they already do, but you know what I mean.



Are you saying that the posts you make here are showing up on Facebook, if so I'm stumped on that one but I'll look into it for you if that's the case.


If the myFICO Facebook posts are showing up on your Facebook feed then you probably have "Liked" myFICO on Facebook.  To remove that feed you will need to unlike myFICO on Facebook.  I'm pretty sure you are the only one seeing the myFICO Facebook feed and not your friends unless they have also "Liked" myFICO.  I also did some testing on this and it doesn't look like anything that I posted or comments I liked on myFICO Facebook showed up that other people could see.