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How to cancel via email or do I even have a subscription?
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When I signed up it said that I would be able to cancel my free trial via email, now no matter what I do I cannot get directed to an email address, instead I keep getting a page that tells me to call some number, which is not even open at the moment. I only agreed to this trial because I thought it would be easy to cancel right away, I don’t want to have to call in to cancel my subscription. This is kind of disappointing because the website even says “…Simple requests, such as unlock my account or cancel my subscription, can be efficiently handled by email…”. So I don’t know if I’m the idiot or if they are just liars but I really don’t want to pay for three months of anything and so I need to know how to find this email address or what to do to make it magically appear instead of the Call to Cancel screen. Thank you.



Or actually another question I have is if they failed to confirm my identity, does that mean they still signed me up for it? Or did it just not go through at all?

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Re: How to cancel via email or do I even have a subscription?

trying to figure this out too.


The agreement said:


"To cancel the trial offer, you must send your name, address, and daytime telephone number and write "cancel my subscription" in an email to us at the address noted in the Contact Us page"


Last thing I wanna do is talk to sales people in order to cancel.