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Re: Signature Limits/Restrictions

awal wrote:

I couldn't find anything that discussed the limits/restrictions on personal signatures.


  1. Is there a limit on the signature size?
  2. It looks like certain HTML tags are allowed. Is there a post that discusses, whats allowed?

1) There is a limit but it isn't published. Limited by lines IIRC. Definitely play around with it.


2) HTML is allowed. It's allowed though with restrictions on linked content. Generally what isn't allowed are anything that breaks the rules of this site like illegal-like sites, questionable content (e.g. politics, sex, religion, race, etc.), personal blogs (though are allowed if tapped as a Blogger ranking), referral links or biz websites whereby you or anyone you know makes $$$, certain personal websites like facebook links, spam, and others. Some pics or gifs are allowed, though must adhere to the rules of this site, and anything animated isn't allowed within the siggies.