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Web design

Why have the myFICO web pages grown clumsier by the day? Most recently, it seems like a section of myFICO offerings has been added. Nothing wrong with that, but why does it have to go across at the top? The meat of web pages has now been pushed so far down that it's no longer visible, unless you press the page down key. I don't like to do something when I have to do something else first. A consideration would be to make the web design more efficient by instead using the abundance of white space on the left. This aside, the new addition appears to be unfinished business, as the focus is off. I use Firefox on a Mac, and when you click on a new post email's reply URL received from subscribing to a thread, the added product bar hides the initial some lines of that post on the web page. There are similar side effects when going a page up or down.

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