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Re: Public access to my personal info?

llecs wrote:

sunshine7157 wrote:

Ok, I'm not at all tech savvy so when I saw that myFICO posts some of these discussions on Facebook, I got a little concerned. My personal information here on myFICO forums (such as my name, email address, etc) cannot be accessed by the public, correct?

Nobody can see that info. And you can test that. Log out and revisit the forums without logging in. Find your profile. If you click it you won't see any identifying info other than your registration date, your forum posting name, post count, and post history.

Oh, good. Thank you! This whole social media circuit makes me feel....I don't know what, exactly. Vulnerable? Exposed? There's already enough of my personal information flying around out there. I'm guessing social media can only contribute to the ease in which personal information can be mined for the purpose of financial/identity theft.