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The statute of limitation (SOL) has nothing to do with re...

PamelaHill wrote:
I've read everywhere about SOL. How about this: It has been plenty of time since the "delinquency" - at least 7 years, but a new collection agency has bought an account. Now they just started reporting this account saying the date of deliquency was a few months ago.
Surely they can't do this can they??
I've disputed this on my report. But now that I've looked, I have a few others like this too.
First of all, is this legal?
Second, do you think I'll be successful removing them?
The trouble is with Equifax.
Experian has always removed everything that shouldn't be there when I've disputed.

The statute of limitation (SOL) has nothing to do with reporting to credit agency. If the last date of delinquency is over 7 years (plus 180 days, i think) ago, they cannot report it to the bureaus! If the SOL past, that just mean they cannot sue you for the debt. However, you still owe it. If they can't sue you, and they cannot report it, you probably dont anything but a moral obligation to pay.