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Its Illegal

PamelaHill wrote:
I've read everywhere about SOL. How about this: It has been plenty of time since the "delinquency" - at least 7 years, but a new collection agency has bought an account. Now they just started reporting this account saying the date of deliquency was a few months ago.
Surely they can't do this can they??
I've disputed this on my report. But now that I've looked, I have a few others like this too.
First of all, is this legal?
Second, do you think I'll be successful removing them?
The trouble is with Equifax.
Experian has always removed everything that shouldn't be there when I've disputed.

You may dispute it but the credi bureaus simply verify it based on thecollectors records.  If the debt is over 7 years old and it is being reported with a new date of delinquency, this is ILLEGAL.  Contact the creditor firat and let them knowthat this debt cannot be legally reported on your credit file. If not removed within 30 days, I would contact the FTC.  You may even be able to contat the original creidtor.  I would start there and request verification of thedebt which should show the date it was opened as well as the date of delinquency, you are experiencing zombie debt at it finest.