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All 3 bureau reports are missing over 15 years of my credit history
I worked for FICO for a time during the time that we were developing the FICO scoring product and I also worked as an executive for Trans Union and other credit reporting entities for over 20 years.   After owing my own software consulting business for 10 years after leaving the credit industry, it is interesting to see that the FICO score is now a generic commodity product that is known by almost every single credit-active consumer in the country.
I decided to purchase the MyFICO product for all 3 bureaus with the identity theft protection since I am now retired and know how big a problem this is -- everyone is at risk.  When I examined my 3 credit profiles, every single one of them was missing over 15 years of my credit history, all of which was positive.  Even though my scores are over 800 (except for 1 score from TU of 780), they would definitely be higher if ALL of my credit history was considered.
My missing credit history was from major banks, retailers, and credit card issuers from all over the U.S., and  I lived in Virginia, Illinois, and Ohio for many years before moving back to California.  It looks like most of my credit history from the time that I lived on the east coast of the U.S. is missing --- why would this be?   Does FICO now through out multiple histories from different geographical areas?  This was not the case originally to the best of my knowledge.