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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Hello. I am in the Army also and had no credit at all until March 2008, and this was a Cap1 account that I was an AU on (unbenounced to me). However, I got curious about credit because I want a card that I can use in emergencies and mostly gas and stuff but I dont want to pay back my arm and leg for it. So I pulled my experian report and had no score. So how was I to get credit? I spoke to some friends in my company and asked where they get credit from and most had not a clue and others just had bank issued cards. I didnt know about this site, so I went around and just applied for things (dumb me) but I got ok results. With no score and lack of credit I got the following cards in one week:
> Chase BP visa
> Citi Drivers Edge MC
> Macys store card
>Bloomingdales store card
I am awaiting on a response from one more that I applied for. I didnt know about the whole inquiry thing, I am sure that will hurt for a minute but I am praying that the way I manage these will make the inquiries look like a bee sting. I go to college online and will get my bachelors by 08/2008, and I have no student loans at all!! I am sure the fact that I am in college helped me to get the Citi card being that it is especially for students. Also, I was approved at a local furniture store for 1.5k limit which is great. This will have to work for me because I am not going to apply for anything else until this time next year since I kinda went inquiry crazy...... I hope that when I get a score I will be able to be in the 700's like you are or at least the high 600's but I am not sure how those inquiries will affect my beginning score. Good luck on the Amex and with finding your true love.