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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
I started really looking at my credit in March because I want to buy a house in the next 2years. When I started the myFico the first week of march I was at EX:619 I just received an alert today which bumped my to EX:691 I didn't really have too many baddies on my report just did not have a mix of credit and had high UTL. I applied for a few new credit cards to mix up my revolving and installments, lowered my balance on my one existing credit card and had a collection PFD. I would not have known to do all these things had I not found this site. Thank you everyone for all the advice and help. I have two bad things left on my report. One a collection with Midland that will fall off in January 09 so I have decided to just be patient with that one and let it drop since I have heard all the headaches other people have had dealing with Midland. I figure it would take me months to deal with them and since it drops in 6/7 months its not worth the headache. The other is a medical collection that I am still working on PFD. I have sent two letters with no response as of yet but am hoping persistence will pay off shortly. My goal is to be in the 720-760 range come Feburary.