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Noah,   Thanks for your input but I know how their system...
Thanks for your input but I know how their system works -- I worked for FICO for a time and was involved in developing the FICO scoring product when I worked for Trans Union.  The bureaus' computer systems will send multiple credit files to FICO's system, which then scores the credit profiles sent back from the bureau's computer system.  In the case of Trans Union, this can be multiple credit profiles, but normally the multiple files on an individual consumer are combined into a single credit report in the Equifax and Experian systems.
I know for a fact that I have been infile in the Equifax system since at least 1974, when I was employed in management at an Equifax affiliate credit bureau in Virginia.  This would make my credit profile an old file, and my credit history over 30 years old, but the report that I got from myFICO says my file is 20 years old... what gives?  I believe that the FICO system is not scoring all of my credit history for some reason!