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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
February 2008
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July 2008
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Had some GW success with American Honda Financial where they removed 3 30 day lates from 18 months ago.  My Orchard card has gone from $400 to a $2700 limit in just over 3 years.  Also my Nordstrom card started reporting the higher CL as well, which helped utility.
I am going to send some more GW to Best Buy (already paid it 3 years ago, but see if they can help me out) 
I have an account that is not mine that TU has already removed, but I need to get EQ and EX to get it removed as well
I am not having the huge success that many people have, but seeing the 6-10 point jumps each month are encouraging.  Just paying on time and lowering the UTIL% any way I can.  One month at a time.