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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Your Orchard limit went to $2,700? Wow. Somehow, I never realized that they ever went that high. I've had one since some time in '06, and it's still at $310. But until very recently, my scores weren't that high, and my utilization was over 80%. I just broke 700 on the last day of May, and I just went up a little today on Equifax, to 724, and my utilization now is only 13% (actually 8%, if everything suddenly updated). However, I've had a fraud alert on my reports since May, so regular promotional pulls don't go through, and Orchard has no idea what my credit is like now.

Orchard is one of the accounts I was thinking about closing, now that I don't need the "poorer" cards anymore. But maybe I ought to call them and see if they'll do anything about raising my limit. During the time you've had them, have they ever offered any better interest rates as your credit improved? I will say that one thing I've liked about them has been that, once I had the account, they didn't keep hitting me with monthly "maintenance" fees, fees for making payments electronically, etc., like all the other "bad" VISA/MC accounts did.