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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
Your Orchard limit went to $2,700? Wow. Somehow, I never realized that they ever went that high. I've had one since some time in '06, and it's still at $310.
I got the card in December of 2005.  My scores were probably in the low 500's.  I didn't know the difference between cards and such.  I didnt have a Visa/MC so I got it as an emrgency card.  I have never ever been late with it.  I once did pay the $50 to get a CLI from $600 to $1000, but after that, they have increased it from $1400 to $1900 to $2700.  I do make double payments on it.  Like when it is due and then about 15 days later I send them in a smaller payment.  I do have a balance on the card, which is $1100.  I plan on it getting that down by the end of the year.
My interest rate is 14.9%.  They have never offered nor have I asked for an interest rate decrease.  I do get the occasional call from them asking to refi my car loan.  I only have 14 more payments remaining on my Acura, but one of the conditions for the refi is that I need to be under a certain amount of miles. 
Most of my bad stuff will fall off in March/April of 2009.  Right now I am saving to pay off 2 judgements that are killing me most likely.  I have never really posted my accounts and asking the readership here what to do.  I am taking the "be patient" method.  maybe soon I will post my bad stuff and let people take a look at it to see how I can get from the 620's to the 700's
I am not in the same boat as many people who post of 400-500's scores, so I do consider myself lucky.  My goal was to be by 680-700 in October, which may happen?  I am sure I just need to lower the UTIL%, gather some age, pay on time and things migth work out that way.
good luck!