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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement
I have been having great luck with TU since I have begun this repair stuff.  I started out at 577 with TU.
I just received an update and they removed my old Best Buy account.  It was over 90 days until I PFD back in Dec of 2006.  There an address error which cause me to be late.  I GW'd them twice and they removed it completely!!!  So I just had to pull TU and I am now sitting at 628, and this is now my mid score.  Now if I can only get EX and EQ to do the same thing, my report will look pretty clean except for the two judgements that I am going to tackle this September.
It is never too late to start paying your bills on time and getting Util% low. 
Feb 2008
TU 577
EQ 609
EX 607 
July 14 2008
TU 628
EQ 642
EX 621