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Re: Applying for ING Direct Electric Orange checking account - minimum score/requirements?
Do you happen to have a savings account with them? I had a savings account with them for about two years before I applied and they didn't even pull my credit AT ALL. It seems odd they would deny you for a checking account, that's all it is and I have never had ANY bank deny me for a checking account after my BK in 2001.

A month after it I opened my checking with Bank of America, then about 10 months after it, I opened the checking account with HSBC and then about a year after I got my ING Direct Orange account and now just a couple of week ago I got an account with WAMU and I am telling you honestly, NONE of them EVER pulled a credit report on me, I checked. They did however ALL pull a Chexsystem on me which was clean except for a National Bank account which was included in BK but I got removed by disputing with Chexsystem and got it removed on the second try.

I am thinking something else is involved here, anyone?

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