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Re: Applying for ING Direct Electric Orange checking account - minimum score/requirements?
Hello everyone!

Thank you for the replies, and I apologize for any confusion. I do have ING savings accounts, which is why I would really like to also open the checking account. The savings accounts do not involve credit checking at all.

The checking account itself does not exactly require a credit check, BUT the Overdraft Line of Credit (which is a required component of the Electric Orange checking account) DOES require a credit check. I wish there was a way to open JUST the checking account, but there is not! Smiley Sad

From the ING Electric Orange FAQ:
"Do you pull my credit if I apply for Electric Orange and the Overdraft Line of Credit?
Yes, As part of your application, ING DIRECT will obtain information about you from a consumer credit reporting agency (a “hard pull”) to confirm that you are eligible for Electric Orange.

I have a "hard pull" inquiry on my credit report from ING from last year, so they do appear to be actually checking Smiley Happy

From searching around online it appears that initially ING did NOT require a credit check for the Overdraft LOC but it seems this ended up being a bad idea for them, and they ended up pulling credit reports and closing a LOT of Electric accounts people had opened before they started checking credit.

So does anyone have any idea how strict their guidelines are? They rejected me when I had zero credit history, but I have a little now and am hoping it might be enough!