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Re: Applying for ING Direct Electric Orange checking account - minimum score/requirements?
From what I've been able to find, it looks like when ING first offered the Electric Orange accounts they made a big deal of saying they didn't require a credit check, but were giving you free access to a LOC.

But then it looks like they had second thoughts Smiley Happy There were a few blog posts I found about this, such as

It looks like they started checking credit and closing existing accounts AND requiring credit checks for anyone trying to open an Electric Orange account. I'm really not sure exactly how long this has been going on, but at least a year!

So you certainly may have "gotten lucky" in a way, if you got the account before they started doing credit checks, or then if they did check later you were deemed "worthy" and didn't get your account closed - so that is fantastic.

I'm hoping that there aren't really strict requirements, and it was just the fact that I had ZERO credit history that made them turn me down before. I will report back what happens when I apply again... Smiley Happy

If anyone has applied since these restrictions started, please do let me know!