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Re: Non Authorized Inq Letter
They have PP- I don't like it anymore than you do.
You can all or write them and ask that they remove it.
These systems are automated- the person setting it up does not usually know the difference between a hard and a soft.

Thoxsie wrote:
Alright, I had a questions about this. I have been setting up some CD's with CitiBank (I have set up 5 CDs within the last year). Is it legal for them to do a hard pull on my credit when I am setting up a account with them? I can see if I was setting up a credit card or even a normal checking account, but this is a CD. . .I am giving them money and not touching it until the term expires. Also, I am almost positive I asked if they where doing a hard pull and if it will show up on my credit report and they said no (but i have no proof of this). So is this something I can dispute and have removed? -Tony