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Re: Non Authorized Inq Letter

Veee wrote:

Thoxsie has a ? up ^ there too, didn't want you to read just my question and miss there's.


My questions ... 3 different senarios ... Will OP letter work for any of these?


1) DB and I went to rooms to go and purchased some stuff.  We tried getting credit first (not me I was deceased at the time) DB's credit didn't work.  Fine, they asked us if we wanted to try and run it through one other option and we told them NO, they did it anyway. 


The add'l INQ's with not authorized.  


2) When I registred my daughter into college she was only 17 so the bank account they told her she had to get, I had to be on it.  Fine, but there is a hard pull on my credit from them, Suntrust.

They had PP (like it or not) When DW and I opened our last check account the CU only pulled my credit.

3) I resently open another account with my CU, joint we DB and they hard pulled on us both.

Joint=responsible =You applied for credit= PP

If you were only being added as an AU- I would not have expected a hard.