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Re: I did not why my credit was bad?

I and my exwife after we got divorced,somethings happened with my credit?I have been usa more than 10 year,I did not doing anythings was wrong,please,let me know?this is first time I would like to know my credit because I had application for line credit of bank of america for pay off my home but it does work by my credit? it ok! right now I do not need anything eles,I aready pay off my house by last weed,I do need the bank can see that,do you know me good or bad?Just myselt know about that!credit must by myselt,they checks very hard credit of every one and they go the hell! and myself is bad credit but I pay off my home by my money?I living here over 10 years,I NEVER NEED CREDIT! THANK FOR CREDIT BUT I DONOT DEED IT!