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Re: Having trouble understanding when items will come off my credit report.

Thanks for the information IT HELPED.


Can you also address this please?


I have three accounts that show late payments as of Dec and Jan 2002.  They are paid off in full and closed.  If I understand correctly they will come off in a few months if all goes well.  My current credit score is a 657.  How much will my score go up once these are removed?


I also have two accounts that I am not sure what to do with!  One shows unpaid balance charged off by creditor and I paid in collections and the other shows charge off and I paid through collections both are from the late 80's.  The stuff listed above is about the only thing hurting me according to myfico and I want to finally have a great credit score now that I am on track!


At this point I am writing a dispute...anything else I should do?


Thaks for the feedback and support!