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Re: Discrepancy in scores

rainmaker626 wrote:


""I would not rely on credit scores from thirdparty websites except myfico, (EQ score only), and transunioncs (TU score only). Hope that helps.""



Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. What about Experian? Can I go to their websites and get my credit score as well? Or is just myfico, and   (by the way, the acronyms EQ, TU stands for equifax and transunion right?)



Nope, on EX(perian) - they only sell their Plus Score, or whatever it's called, on their site.  I think you can only get your EX FICO here.


On TU (TransUnion), make sure you go to - that ending 'cs' is critical.


EQ(uifax)'s score from their site is a FICO.

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