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Re: Question: Identity theft or a big mistake?

xeres wrote:

I'm new here so please bear with me!  It's been a year since I last read my reports (I know, I know).  I've signed up for monthly monitoring...


I was horrified to see that Equifax was reporting negative information -- even my name was changed on the report. I now have a new middle initial in addition to my middle name (my reports are first/middle/last name). With the last year, there were three charge offs -- 2 from ATT (been w/T-Mo for 7 years) and one from FstPremie, whatever that is. Of course, I've sent a dispute letter but I'm panicked that these won't come off the account.


The scores are TransUnion = 813 (yay!); Experian=732 (not too shabby); Equifax=619 (yikes)



Do you not recall having an account with AT&T and First Premier? First premier is a bank that is notrious for having many junk fees attached to their credit cards and limits usually set at $300. If you dont recall having any of theseaccounts, then yes it is a serious issue and I would recommend filing the police report, filing a complaint with the FTC, and puting a fraud alert on your credit reports.

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