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Re: Question: Identity theft or a big mistake?

First, if you have not put a Fraud Alert on all 3 agencies Eq, Ex, Tu, do that now.



Whether it was identity theft not sure. Sometimes people just get a social messed up and can't remember it and give the wrong social thinking it is their's.... This can happen with Cell phone companies and collections....


Maybe possible with cell carriers like Att, but not so likely with credit cards as they need to confirm more so address, name, social to all match up...


How many months ago were these accounts opened? Is FP bank listed on EX and TU credit agencies??? Odd if it were only EQ since FP usually report to all 3 CRAs.


Don't panic, just start with the basics. Put a Fraud Alert on all 3 CRAs, contact Att and FP bank to investigate to help you learn how this happened to determine if it was a mistake where someone had your social with their name and address or if it was true identity theft. Then take it from there.


Keep an eye in "Inquiries". If you see something pop up that is not yours, consider a police report. But for now try and learn what happened. I'd try to do all this today. It would probalby take about 1 hour to contact Att and FP and ask all the questions, such as:


Name and Address on file.
Data opened.

Was there activity on the credit card.

Location of the Att store where service was activated.


Please post what you find and people here should be able to direct you further.


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