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Which board to post on? General Credit Issues vs Rebuilding Your Credit
With the recent addition of the Rebuilding Your Credit board, there's been a lot of confusion as to where to start your post. I'm still muddling through this in my head, but essentially, Rebuilding is for helping you figure out what to do with uglies on your credit reports, while Gen Cred is now for questions about credit in general, what your possible credit goals might be, identity theft, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, what goes into your credit report, what goes into your credit score, and so forth.

Here are some for-instances that might help:

Rebuilding Your Credit

- a collection just hit my report, and I have no idea what this account is
- I have a bunch of lates; what's GW and PFD?
- the same account is being reported twice, by the OC and by the CA
- I disputed with the CRA's, but it came back validated

General Credit Issues

- just out of bankruptcy and starting over again: what should I aim for with my credit?
- what's a fraud alert vs a freeze?
- are inqs that big a deal?
- help! I've re-aged my history
- what's a credit bucket?
- how do I update my TrueCredit report???
- FICO's vs FAKO's

We're not trying to be fussy about where posts go. The advantage of starting your post on the right board is that you are more likely to find members who can help you with your specific questions. Hope this helps!
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