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Re: Which board to post on? General Credit Issues vs Rebuilding Your Credit
For anyone who has added on to a thread that started before the boards got rearranged in late May, and you're wondering where the heck it has now gone, please look over on Rebuilding Your Credit, its probable new home.

When we move a thread, a post called a "placeholder" is created. These are the ones you see with the big curved green arrow that are locked. They have the link to the thread's new home. But the placeholder goes to the date that the thread was initially started, so it might easily be buried 30 screens back.

Most threads that are moved off of General Credit Issues go to Rebuilding, so take a look over there. If it was recently moved, it will be near the top, with the small green arrow on the folder symbol indicating that you have posted on it.

Sorry--we aren't trying to confuse you with this; we just need to get threads in the right place so that you can get the best responses.
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