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Re: "The Desk Of Dean Hamilton"

as a matter of fact, you should have waited 5 days from his first call.


 within 5 days of making initial contact a CA must send you a dunning letter. if they don't they are in violation of FDCPA - in WA, if a violation of FDCPA stands up in court, the collector is disqulified for two years by the WA DOL.

also, instead of an email, you should have sent him a proper DV letter CMRRR, this is for your own protection.


reacting in haste and not following the proper processes undermines your case and in some cases weakens or waives your rights.


when in doubt, read the sticky threads, take a breath, ask questions. then based on recommendation, take the course of action you prefer, but being informed and understanding the consequences.


in any case, a quick search for dean hamilton on the WA Business license search returns a Dean Hamilton in Centralia who serves processes, it means serves papers for court cases. There is also a Dean Hamilton doing business as a lawyer in Lake City Way in Seattle, + other 14 businesses associated with some Dean Hamilton, including real estate and others.






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