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Re: Non Authorized Inq Letter

[This is a semi-frivolous post on thus topic, but I didn't know anything about the 14 day window, and I wasted a lot of it waiting to see what HSBC had to say to me about re-fi on a balloon mortgage with them.] (Ecuse errorsI have been havign lots of troulle withspelling and typing, between feeling of crisis, and my cat being severly ill (she was put down today, I just can't write posts well)




I haven't read this entire thread.  And indeed, I did give permission for the inquiry.  However, HSBC vcalled me,  I was  told that they [HSBC] couldn't discuss any rates without the inquiry.  HSBC website says that the credit is pulled AFTER  I have applied for a loan.   I am wondering how I could have applied for a loan, when I didn't know what products they had.  And I did not call them, they solicited me.


And when I spoke to the woman's manager, I said that I wanted to know ALL of my options.  When I met with this woman to discuss the loans, she refused to show me rates for 2nd morthgages saying they were "too expensive"  (as opposed to applying for a loan where I need to borrow an additional 7K @ a 5% Loan origination fee?  )  I also wanted to discuss unsecured products, and they didn't discuss those with me either.


[Wouldn't it be great if HSBC would cooporate with me, by giving me about 5K, (about how many times this happened to me in the past year.  Then I could use it to pay down my impending $22 K balloon.  Now this would be truly creative re-financing of my balloon!]