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Re: GW Example Letters
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This worked on Chase. 3 closed accounts all deleted. 1 settled and late, 2 were 90 days late and PIF.


We are writing to see whether Chase Bank would consider making a goodwill adjustment to the credit reporting bureaus on our closed accounts. We are asking whether Chase Bank would remove the adverse late payment and settlement reporting from these accounts in reporting to the credit bureaus. We understand this is a rather unusual request--particularly as our accounts fell behind upwards of 120 days and one account was settled for less than the full amount.


Chase Bank was extremely helpful in working with us at a time of job layoffs and missed payments. The ease with which we were able to resolve these accounts gave us something to pay off and helped us to move forward.

If what we ask is too much, then any goodwill adjustment to the reporting bureaus would be most appreciated.

Regardless of your decision, please know that we thank you for helping us at a time when it was needed, and we hope to do business with Chase again one day.


GMAC, over the phone, confirmed it was their bad. But I didn't have any solid proof. Grey area between a goodwill and a dispute.


My wife and I recently pulled all three of our credit reports. GMAC appears to have mistakenly reported this account as 30 days late to Experian.


We disputed the account with Experian, but they closed the dispute without checking or there was some problem on their website. In any event, please correctly report this account to Experian--just as it has been reported to the other credit bureaus.


We know mistakes happen, and we would simply like this corrected. Both our vehicles were purchased new from Saturn and financed thru GMAC. We have been very happy with both Saturn and GMAC.


Wife got a delete from JCPenney from this.


I recently pulled my credit reports, and I discovered this JCPenney account was still showing as open. If that is correct, I would like to see about getting a replacement card issued so that I could use it when shopping at JCPenney.


I also noticed the account was reported 30 days late in 2001, although not consistently with all three credit bureaus. I do not recall being late on this account, but it is possible as my husband and I fell behind on several payments at that time.


If the late pay reporting is correct, then I would like to ask whether JCPenney would consider making a goodwill adjustment to its reporting to the credit bureaus and remove the late pay reporting from this account. I know this is probably a somewhat unusual request, and I ask you to consider my overall good shopping and payment history with JCPenney rather than one late payment.


Use imagination and creativity. Speak from the heart. Try to be honest, or at least use a plausible explanation. Put it in your own words. Don't copy GW letters word for word. The teacher might detect plagiarism and mark you paper down. But do read GW letter samples for ideas.


GW is akin to panhandling for a better FICO score. But take a shower, wear clean clothes, and make a good presentation. Think job interviewee and not homeless guy with tin cup.

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