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Re: GW Example Letters
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Tuscani wrote:

demitasse03 wrote:
Foreclosures deleted via GW?  Has anyone had success doing this?  Mine was with National City Mortgage in 2002.

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Never hurts to ask!

You really think it might have a chance?  I'm 3 for 3, and I would hate to break my streak.  In my case, my accounts were not late or any other baddies right up to the date of my BK filing.  In those cases, the account is reported as Closed - Included in Bankruptcy or something along those lines.  I wonder if doing a GW letter in that case would really do me any good or not. Maybe if they dropped the whole account off of my CR, it might help.  But that begs the question, should those accounts described above disappear after 7 years (which is next year for me)? If not, would I dispute them as being older than 7 years old to make them go away? If just seems to me that there are some accounts on my CR which are older than 7 years.

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