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Re: GW Example Letters
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Hi Newbie here - been reading the forums for almost 2 hours.  Tons of great information!  Two questions.  First i have two baddies I want to resolve, and I think my only options are GW. First is an old moving violation/infraction that I didn't pay to the King  County courthouse that was sent to collections.  I paid the collection agency in 2004.  Should I write a GW to the courthouse (OC?) or to the CA? 
Next I agreed to settle an old credit card and had some 30, 60 and one 90 day late payments.  The account has been closed also since 2004.  Any suggestions on a GW for an account that has been settled or should I bother?  I don't have the leverage of demonstrating that since the deliquency I have vastly improved my debt management... because the account is now closed
FICO (one doesn't show the collections obviously!):  TU 672 EQ 742 EX 686.  Been trying to get these number up for about 4 months now.  Got a new CC with lower interest and took out a good size car loan ($25K).  Just set my CCs to pay off in the next 9 months since I'm at 57% utilization now (total revolving debt $7749 with $2479 of that at HIGH interest, the remainder at 2.9%). 
Any help greatly appreciated!!  Thanks everyone for the great stories.  Never thought I would have one in the 700s, and I'm pretty dang happy the two others even considering 700.  --buddhagirl

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