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Re: GW Example Letters
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I am SOOOO excited right now! I took a chance and wrote a few good will letters for some of my hubby's past dues.  He has always had excellent credit until the end of 2004 through 2005. He was involved in a very very nasty divorce in which he was royally screwed and ended up holding the bag for every debt in the marriage while she walked away with all the assets.
Anyway..   My first letter was to Everhome Mortgage. He had ONE late payment at the end of his 30 year mortgage (Aug 05). I wrote the letter about a month ago and by the time we received their response this past Saturday, the 30 day late mark had been removed from his report.   Smiley Very Happy
Next was Chrysler Financial. He and his ex both had Chrysler vehicles at the time of the divorce - she was 30 days late 2 times before she finally sold the vehicle for another (thank God - it got his name off of her loan) and he was 30 days late 3 times in that time period. He had one other Chrysler loan in his history - and we purchased a Chrysler for me last Feb - everything else with them (other than those 5 combined 30 day lates) has been spotless. We have not heard back from them yet - but all lates have been removed from both accounts on TU and EQ..  and I'm sure ESP will soon catch up (I just checked that one today and noticed them gone).  Smiley Happy
Next, I am going to try 3 credit card accounts that went into collections and were eventually settled for a lesser amount. I wish I had known about this forum and had access to all the useful info before those were settled so that he could try and get them removed with payment  Smiley Sad.   I'm sure they will be more difficult - but it's worth a shot. If anyone has any more advice for getting these types of accounts removed, please let me know!
I am soooo excited this works!  I want to thank you guys for posting these GW letters and providing help for us who wouldn't know to try something like this otherwise - you guys are awesome!!!

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