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TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either
I have become the victim of a new wrinkle in the credit world and the blind faith lenders place in these incredibly inaccurate companies.  Everyone know credit scores get you approved for a mortgage, however now having an account "in dispute"  causes doubt (their lingo - not included in the scoring model) and will disqualify you for a mortgage.  Now the catch - The "disputes"  were legitimate  disputes in the past (wrong address, wrong type of account, etc)  All of the disputes had been resolved and closed but a comment is added to the account which states "consumer disputes this information".  Sounds easy enough to get corrected - call and tell them that you do not dispute it and should come right off.  Experian - yes.  Equifax  - yes.  Trans Union - "hello this costumer rep x and I am not capable of changing any information but if you would like to open up a dispute (yes to dispute the fact that I have a comment saying I dispute the information) we can investigate".  Anyone w/ a brain can see this would then make the argument true.  Work around - I obtained a letter from the creditor stating that I do not dispute the info and have faxed it to Trans Union.  Who knows if and when it will get corrected.  I can tell you my home loan which was initially approved did not close because of this.  So now you can not even dispute information.  I am furious and can not understand why we all are held hostage to a system that thwarts common sense at every turn.