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Re: TRANS UNION IS THE DEVIL & Don't dispute it either

If I were going to spend my time replying to a post, I would at least address the points made in the original post.  I will show you where you went wrong.  I did not comment on their accuracy.  I did not comment on whether or not I received a free report (I have since received 4 copies from them), making your point about their lack of arguing over it moot.  Never said a word about my score.  Did not mention how many times TU will investigate a dispute.


Now my issue with them restated.  They do not give their representatives on the phone the ability to change information on the report, even when it is something as stupid as a comment on an account.  Again, I'm not talking about an ongoing dispute.  Their solution was to start an investigation to dispute if the "dispute comment" was legitimate.  I was telling them that I did not dispute the information.  Starting an investigation would then make the comment true.  I'm sorry if this is too dificult for you to understand.


In case you are interested, and since you seem like you do take an interest in your credit, I'll tell you how the issue got resolved.  As I mentioned, the only phone numbers available to consumers are of no use.  They do however, give phone numbers that will allow someone to deal with a "quick response manager" to another type of paying customer - credit specialist companies.  These companies, Credit Plus in my case, exsist to help the mortgage industry.  They sell them a tri-merge report and if there are any issues, they will attempt to resolve them for a fee of course.  Well the mortgage company loves them because the mortgage company does not have the time and resources to get items on an applicant's report resolved and, for the reasons I mentioned, it is a slow process for the individual to get the corrections made.  I feel it is the the duty of Trans Union and the others to provide us the same avenue for resolution - phone numbers to employees who can actually make changes and updates.


Doesn't it bother you that all these other playes are making money off buying and selling your information?  The worst part is that those costs just get passed on to you.  Not only did I have to pay Credit Plus a credit report fee but additional charges for getting directly involved w/ Tran Union to update information that had I had the phone number, I could have done myself.


Lastly, I'll say this about your comment.  All your points deal w/ the terms the three credit bureaus have trained you to consider important.  I personally take offence to their manipulation of my personal information for profit.  The fact that I nearly missed an opportunity to obtain a mortgage makes me angry.  So keep telling yourself everything is fine w/ TU, just hope you never have a "comment" on your report that you need removed in a hurry.  Good luck continuing to play their game.