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Re: Having trouble understanding when items will come off my credit report.

Here is how I would tackle any dispute of derogs in my CR.

Pull out all original creditor records on any disputed account debt..

First, list in chron order each reported delinquency on the OC debt while the OC account was open.

Each of these reportings can remain in your CR, under FCRA 605(a)(5), for up to 7 years from each of their individual dates of delinwuency with the OC.  DOFD is meaningless to these drop offf dates. They drop off indivuaually.


If a charge off (CO) or collectiion (CA) is reported, they have totally separte drop off dates.

They are based on only one single date,and that is the DOFD on the OC account. That is, under FCRA 605(c), set at 7 1/2 years from that separate date, the DOFD.