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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

RobertEG wrote:

CITI Identity Monitoring does not provide monthly access to your CR.  It is at best quarterly, and only after they first advise you, after logon,  that you have a new CR that you can access.  They provide it when they are ready, and it is definately not monthlly.    Credit alerts are more infreqent and complete than advertised.


My feedback is given based on three years of peronal subsiption to this service.


I thought that too. I used to have their service years ago and it was quarterly (back when they used to mail the report), but I found this in the FAQs which points otherwise:


How often can I view an updated credit report and scores?

Every 30 days.  A link titled "Get your updated credit report and scores now" will appear on the Member Overview page when the report is available.