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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

I just got done updating the list. Credit Watch by EQ, CreditKeeper, and ITAC Sentinel were 3 CMSs that were added. I also began to include links to these CMSs from any participating bank or lender and those included HSBC, Suntrust, Regions, M&T Bank, PNC, NFCU, TD Bank and others.


As a side note, I'm limited to the number of characters within the first post of the thread. I kept getting errors that what I was editing was too long. To shorten it, and without sacrificing the links, I removed my recommendation section. Per a previous comment, I also included a link to ACR.


BTW, my recommendation is as follows:


Pull all 3 via If you want to follow your reports closely and frequently, I recommend subscribing to a CMS that offers daily pulls on all 3 reports and ignore the scores. Your options are very limited per a daily puller. For FICO scores, also subscribe to SW and be sure to pull both EQ and TU FICO reports frequently. As you see changes to your EQ or TU reports, then be sure to come back to myFICO to get those reports.