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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide


leah5570 wrote:

Could you possibly add next to each service if the score is a FICO or a FAKO? I signed up for the free creditkarma and saw the TU score, and my report card. It showed the number of accounts, and how they advise on it, but not the actual report or any of the account names or info. Is that how it works on their site? Just wondering if the score is FICO. Also, their credit simulator said 6 months of on time payments would cause my score to drop 22 points. Weird. Thanks!


I use Credit Karma but not for the scores. They are not the real deal. But it's not bad for tracking accounts, balances, etc. It pulls information from your TU report but doesn't supply much detail. As far as the simulator I don't use it or any other simulator. It seems like a waste of time but that's just me.



From a BK years ago to:
9/09 EX pulled by lender 802
3/10 EQ- 800
4/10 TU -772

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