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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

tbque wrote:
Ilecs, I am currently using the CMS which is very similar to the CMS. I have never checked my FICO scores yet. I am very immersed in credit repairing efforts right now and feel the need to be able to monitor my efforts on all 3 CRs and to be able to see progress through elevated scores as often as possible. What CMS would you recommend for me? Should I try the Credit Check Total CMS or is it best to use one with FICO scores? Thanks in advace for the help! I love myFico!!!

Unfortunately, there's only a finite number of places you can get your FICO score and the only FICO score monitoring service out there is ScoreWatch and that's for EQ only. Because of that, I recommend mentally separating FICO scores from credit monitoring.


Per monitoring, I recommend a CMS that allows you to pull all 3. Moreover, if you are actively engaged in fixing your credit and you have a lot of things happening, I recommend a CMS that pulls all 3 reports daily. Your choices are limited, but I've used CCT in the past. Ignore the scores and advice of course, but the reported TLs gives you just enough info to know what's going on.


As you monitor your CMS, you can always hop onto myFICO to pull your EQ or TU report to track any score changes.